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Alternative Gifts

Give a gift in honor of someone you love.  An alternative gift can be for a Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary.  ECHOS will acknowledge all of your gifts – both to the giver and to the recipient.

Matching Gifts

If your organization has a corporate match program, let us know.  Please contact Cathy Moore, 713-270-0369 or and we will be happy to assist in adding ECHOS to this program.

ECHOS is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Last year 143 individuals volunteered at ECHOS.

Volunteers Serve with Joy!

Volunteers are always needed at ECHOS.  We need volunteers for the following:

ESL Teacher (This is an opportunity to use your high-school Spanish), Food  Pantry, Food Fairs (First Saturday of the month), Vision Screening and Office Assistance.

We love our volunteers. We are able to serve more families because of the time and talent volunteers give to ECHOS.

Please call Kathy Eckhardt, 713-270-0369,  or email her at and see what volunteer opportunities are currently available.