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ECHOS provides on-site help in healthcare, food and key social services. Make sure you visit our calendar of events.

COVID-19 Resources

CDC Eviction Moratorium Resources

Click here for COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Tenant Information and Form
Click here for advice on talking to your landlord
Moratoria de desalojo COVID-19 – Información y formulario
Cómo hablar con su arrendador



Free COVID Testing

Register for Free COVID-19 Vaccine

Information on Current Vaccines

Lost Loved One Program or call (713) 468-4516 ext. 149

Domestic Violence Resources
TDD Line: 713-528-3625
Toll Free: 800-256-0551

Addiction Help
Call The Council on Recovery
Local: 713-942-4100
Toll Free: 855-942-4100

Internet Access $9.95/month

Find a Food Pantry

Affordable Shared Housing for Single Adults (Seniors, Veterans, Homeless)