Calendar of events

ECHOS provides on-site help in healthcare, food and key social services. Make sure you visit our calendar of events.

Food Pantry and Food Fairs

Food Pantry and Food Fair services are provided free of charge, to all who come to the ECHOS’ campus.

In 2016, 13,000 individuals received food at these Saturday morning events.

Food Pantry

In 2020, through September, ECHOS has distributed food to  more than 36,000 individuals  and more than 3,000 individuals have received diapers in our drive-throughfood pantry alone. – more than 40% of them were children and youth under the age of 18 years old. The nutritious food distributed at the Food Pantry improves the health of the ECHOS  families who suffer from food insecurity.

Our food pantry hours are adjusted as a result of COVID.  Tuesday is a drive through distribution and starts at 7:30 AM

Our normal hours for food pantry will be announced when it is safe and no social distancing is required.

There has been a 163% increase in the number of families coming to the Food Pantry for nutritious, non-perishable food items.

Food/Mini-Health Fairs

In partnership with the Houston Food Bank, ECHOS provides two monthly mini health/food fairs.  They are located at:

45-60 pounds of fresh produce, fruits, and dairy products are distributed at the Food Fairs to the 200-275 families who attend.  In 2018, 9,000 plus, individuals received food at these Saturday morning events.  For more information call 713-270-0369 or email

All food is provided to families at no charge.  There are no restrictions or requirements.